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“Chamber 7” Series


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The Israel Sinfonietta Beer-Sheva opens its new season with “The Creation”

Justus Frantz, Conductor
Dana Marbach, Soprano
Robert Buckland, Tenor (The Netherlands)
Achim Hoffmann, Bass (Germany)
Tel Aviv Chamber Choir
Tel Aviv Collegium Singers


Schubert: Marches No. 40/3 and 6 (orchestrated by Ari Ben-Shabetai

Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 20.30
Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 21.00
Beer-Sheva Performing Arts Center
Tickets: 08-626-6422
Ticket Price: NIS 150

On Thursday at 19:00 there will be an introductory lecture by music critic and scholar Yossi Shiffman: “Angels talk about God, the great engineer.” There is a symbolic entrance fee, as part of a series of fascinating cultural meetings, for music lovers who want more ...

The Israel Sinfonietta Beer-Sheva opens its 45th season with a festive concert marking the beginning of a unique and sweeping season. The concert opens with two symphonic marches by Schubert (Op. 40 Nos. 3 and 6) conducted by Maestro Justus Frantz, the Musical Director and Principal Conductor of the orchestra. Frantz turned to composer Ari Ben-Shabetai and asked him to orchestrate the marches, with which works he had become acquainted when he recorded the entire series of Schubert’s Op. 40 in his youth as part of a piano duo with Christoph Eschenbach. The two marches were originally written as part of a collection of six marches for piano four-hands. Many musicologists claim that these works were intended to be eventually orchestrated, but for his own reasons Schubert did not manage to convert these works into large performance pieces and they remained in their original format. Schubert called each piece a “Grand March”, not because of its size and length but rather using the broader meaning of the word, a masterpiece. Considering the history of these marches, the orchestration written by Prof. Ben-Shabetai is a middle point between Schubert's orchestral style and a style suitable for a large marching band.

The second part of the concert will present the work of composer Joseph Haydn, “The Creation of the World,” the first work that combines the description of creation found in the first book of the Torah, “Genesis”, with the poem “Paradise Lost” by John Milton from the year 1667. The work focuses on the greatness and beauty of nature and serves as a song of praise to the God the Creator. It attributes much less importance to the fall of Adam and Eve as described in Milton's poem. The work is divided into three parts, the first dealing with earth and plants, the second with the creation of animals and man and the third with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before they sin. Haydn chooses to open the work with a precise description of the chaos that prevailed before the creation of the world. With the help of music he describes chaos as the basis for things that will be created in the future. The piece continues with this: “In the beginning of God’s creating the heavens and the earth, the earth was astonishingly empty, with darkness upon the surface of the deep.” The choir answers with the phrase “And the Spirit of God hovers upon the surface of the waters, and God said, ‘Let there be light’ ”. The music of this piece is a combination of simplicity and complexity. Haydn chose to use musical mediums to describe natural phenomena and did not pretend to deal with complex philosophical questions as he wrote in his last years, “A secret voice whispered to me: There are so few happy and contented people in the world. Sorrow and grief follow them everywhere. It may be that your work will be the source from which the person, who carries his worries on his shoulders, will seek rest and peace.”

The entire program is conducted by Maestro Justus Frantz, the orchestra's Musical Director for four consecutive seasons.

The concert includes soloists and top-level musicians, including Dana Marbach, a soprano who performs regularly as soloist in concerts in Israel and Europe. In recent years she has appeared in well-known venues including the Concertgebau (The Netherlands), Queen Elizabeth Hall (London), Palau de la Música Catalana (Barcelona) and the Berliner Philharmonie. She has also performed in prestigious festivals, including the Lucerne Festival, the International Festival of Early Music in Freiburg, the Cologne Festival of Early Music, the Styriarte Festival in Graz and others. She is a graduate of the Israel Opera Studio, where her repertoire included many roles.

Achim Hoffmann, bass-baritone from Germany, began his musical training at the Regensburger Domspatzen Boys’ Choir and continued his studies in Cologne at the Hochschule fur Musik with Monica Pick-Hieronimi. He has participated in concerts and operas in various roles, including Papagano in “The Magic Flute”, Count Almaviva in “The Marriage of Figaro” (Mozart), Claudius in “Agrippina” (Handel), Achilles in “La Belle Hélène” (Offenbach) and others.

Robert Buckland is a tenor from the Netherlands. He regularly performs with leading ensembles in Europe, including the Stuttgart Chamber Choir, the Ghent Vocal Collegium, the Vox Luminis Ensemble and others. As a soloist, his repertoire varies widely, from performances of liturgical works by Bach to operatic arias by Verdi, Mozart, Handel and others. Buckland performs with leading European orchestras.

Claudia Szobel, Acting CEO of the Sinfonietta, says, “I am excited to open the 45th season in my new position, in a season that presents us with varied, interesting and challenging repertoire prepared for us by the orchestra's Musical Director, Maestro Justus Frantz. The works for the concert were carefully selected with the thought of starting the season with a grand flourish: Schubert's great marches specially orchestrated by the wonderful Israeli composer, Prof. Ari Ben-Shabetai, and Haydn's monumental work, ‘The Creation of the World’.”

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